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Reach Right Audience through Doubleclick verification

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Reach Right Audience through Doubleclick verification

Verification checks your DCM ad tags to make sure they are well-formed and provides quick statistics on geo-targeting and default ad rates. Verification also indicates the domains and URLs where your ads serve and classify your page content into categories.

Types of Verification

Tag Verification

Tag verification enables you to check your incoming ad requests and look for any issues with the tags that may cause an error, such as incorrect formatting. The issues can be anything from a repeated key-value to a missing random number or an incorrect click-through URL.

There are four types of ad serving issues that Verification can help you detect.

  • Serving problems
  • Reporting problems
  • Publisher problems
  • Warnings
Geo-targeting Verification

Geo-targeting verification allows you to view how many impressions in your campaign fell outside your desired geo-targeting range (either by percentage or by total number). You can verify geo-targeting data at the country, state, or DMA® Region level. Geo-targeting data in Verification comes from DCM Reporting. DCM uses IP addresses as the basis for geographic reporting. DMA® Regions are defined by Nielsen™, and DCM uses these definitions to categorize IP addresses into DMA® Regions.

Content Verification:

Content verification monitors the websites where your ads are delivered to make sure that your ads aren’t displayed on pages with inappropriate content. DCM uses various signals to determine whether a website contains one or more types of content issues, and alerts you if a site appears to have content meeting the criteria you’ve specified.

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