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Type of Deals in Doubleclick Bid Manager

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Type of Deals in Doubleclick Bid Manager

In DoubleClick Bid Manager we have 4 types of Deals:

1 ) Open Auction Deals:

In an open auction deal, inventory prices are decided in real-time through an auction and any publishers or advertisers can participate. Generally, publishers place their media inventory in an ad exchange at a specific minimum cost per mille (CPM) price and advertisers bid against one another for the available media that they desired. The highest bidder wins the impressions. These deals are non guaranteed inventories.

2 ) Private Auction:

In Private auction deals, publishers restrict participation to selected advertisers only. As the name suggests, this type of auction is invitation-only. In some cases, publishers may enable specific advertisers to apply for an invite to participate in private auctions. In short, advertisers can bid on the available media inventory only if they are invited to do so. Much like the open auction, advertisers or ad exchanges can set a minimum CPM for each advertiser. Again, the highest bidder will win the impressions.

3 ) Preferred Deal :

A preferred deal is an option that bypasses auctions completely. The preferred deal makes it possible for publishers to sell their premium media inventory at a negotiated fixed CPM to selected advertisers. The deal is then transacted in real-time and advertisers will win the impressions by bidding at or above the fixed CPM price set by the publishers. Preferred deals provide publishers with a controlled and stable revenue stream through this secluded transaction environment. Meanwhile, advertisers benefit from the deal because it gives them access to more exclusive, first-look inventory with stable volume and no surprises on pricing. The only caveat here is, however, if advertisers bid on preferred deal impressions, they are no longer eligible to bid on that same impression in the open auction.

4 ) Programmatic guaranteed:

In programmatic direct deals, the buyer knows exactly what audience and content they want, and when. Guaranteed deals are negotiated directly between buyer and seller. Inventory, pricing, flight/ run time (start-end dates) are fixed, although buyers may apply additional audience targeting, filters, and frequency caps during campaign run time.

Some Important Features and differences between different types of deals.

Open Auction Deals Private Auction Preferred Deal Programmatic guaranteed
Easy setup, Easy optimization High eCPMs Highly targeted ads guaranteed revenue for inventory
Niche advertisers: Better buyer relationships Creative control Excellent buyer relationships
Unsegmented audience. Less data leakage exchange rules apply to preferred deals Creative review


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