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Types of Deal in Programmatic Advertising

Types of Deal:

Preferred Deal

A type of programmatic auction where publishers sell premium inventory at a fixed eCPM price to a selected number of advertisers, while entirely bypassing auctions. Advertisers are bidding in real-time, either at or above the fixed eCPM price. Once an advertiser bids on an impression inside a preferred deal, they lose the right to bid again on that same impression in the open auction.


Private Marketplace, PMP Programmatic, or Private Auction

An invitation-only type of programmatic auction where a deal is traditionally made directly between a publisher and a selected group of advertisers demand-side platforms (DSP), ad networks, and/or agencies. Publishers have the freedom to set the minimum eCPM, like in the preferred deal scenario, and the highest bid wins.


Open Auction

Open auction is the official name for real-time bidding, and all publishers and advertisers are eligible to participate at the same time. Publishers offer their inventory at a specific minimum price, while advertisers bid for the available inventory. The highest bid wins. This is the most traditional form of programmatic auctions.


Programmatic Guaranteed, Guaranteed Buy, or Programmatic Direct

A guaranteed buy, also known as “programmatic direct” or “programmatic guaranteed,” is the direct sale of reserved ad inventory between a buyer and seller, with automation replacing the manual insertion order (IO) process. This type of auction allows the publisher to regulate the price of inventory to buyers. It also gives buyers the ability to transparently buy more premium inventory on a direct basis from the publisher.

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