Certified Google Analytics Expert

Certified Google Analytics Expert
This course is for people seeking to understand the core principles of digital analytics to improve business performance through better digital measurement.
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About the Course

This course provides a foundation for marketers and analysts seeking to understand the core principles of digital analytics and to improve business performance through better digital measurement.



Learning Plan

  • Digital Analytics Fundamentals |  by Google Tutorial
    Digital Analytics Fundamental module is sub divided into different topics and will cover topics like Getting started with digital analytics, Understanding and using Google Analytics data, Collecting actionable data with Google Analytics, Navigating Google Analytics reports, Navigating Conversions reports 

  • Configuring Analytics to Capture Data|  by Ullekh Tandon 
    This module will help you get familiarize on how  to generate custom campaign parameters for your advertising URLs .

  • Adwords with Analytics  |  by Vikrant Sinha 
    This module will cover topics like About the AdWords reports, AdWords Campaigns Reporting, About Remarketing Audiences in Analytics, Tag your AdWords destination URLs, Clicks vs. Sessions, Smart Goals.

  • Advanced features|  by Nitin Nachappa 
    This module will cover topics like Google Analytics APIs, About Multi-Channel Funnels, Attribution Modeling Overview, Benefits of using the User ID feature.

  • Case Study |   
    Case study will help you get the clear insight on how analytics works in terms of digital market and why it is important in any online platform.

Class Venue

 This is an online course. Student can join from anywhere in the world. Live session are also available.

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I have become more aware of Digital Marketing Techniques and it’s importance. With the advice and Guidance of the course leaders I was able to expand my connections within the Digital Marketing industry and to create a professional presence online which enhances my employ-ability. As a result of the course, I have also applied for a variety of work experience placements in the practical Digital Marketing experience and to improve my understanding of a Digital Marketing environment.  Thank You Leaders from Trainmehub.

The IT course from Trainmehub gave me an opportunity to take risks, explore my potential and develop my self paced strategy. I feel incredibly privileged to have taken part and to be part of the training legacy. Thank you course trainer.

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