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CompTIA Network+

CompTIA Network+

About the course

CompTIA Network+ training & Certification, will equip students with key skills to troubleshoot, configure and manage network systems. This training covers the configuration, management, and troubleshooting of common wired and wireless network devices. Also included are emerging technologies such as unified communications, mobile, cloud, and virtualization technologies.

This course contains in total of 15 Modules.

The course targets to equip the students to enhance their knowledge about the PPC and digital marketing concepts, processes and techniques.


Learning Plan

  • Network Theory | |
    This Module will help student to get familiarize with Networking Terminology, Network Categories, Standard Network Models, Physical Network Topologies
    Logical Network Topologie .

  • Network Communications Methods |  
    This Module will cover topics like Data Transmission Methods, Media Access Methods,Signaling Methods.

  •  Network Media and Hardware |  
    Bounded Network Media, Unbounded Network Media, Noise Control, Network Connectivity Devices.

  • Network Implementations |   
    This Module will cover major topics like Ethernet Networks, Wireless Networks.

  • Networking Models |  
    This module will cover The OSI Model, The TCP/IP Model.

  • TCP/IP Addressing and Data Delivery |   
    The TCP/IP Protocol Suite,IP Addressing, Default IP Addressing Schemes, Create Custom IP Addressing Schemes, Implement IPv6 Addresses Delivery Techniques

  • TCP/IP Services |   
    Learn how to Assign IP Addresses, Domain Naming Services, TCP/IP Commands, Common TCP/IP Protocols, TCP/IP Interoperability Services.

  • LAN Infrastructure |  
    Switching, Enable Static Routing, Implement Dynamic IP Routing, Virtual LANs, Plan a SOHO Network.

  • WAN Infrastructure|  In this module student cover WAN Transmission Technologies, WAN Connectivity Methods, Voice over Data Transmission.

Class Venue

 This is an online course with a dedicated Trainer to every student. Student can join from anywhere in the world.

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I have become more aware of Digital Marketing Techniques and it’s importance. With the advice and Guidance of the course leaders I was able to expand my connections within the Digital Marketing industry and to create a professional presence online which enhances my employ-ability. As a result of the course, I have also applied for a variety of work experience placements in the practical Digital Marketing experience and to improve my understanding of a Digital Marketing environment.  Thank You Leaders from Trainmehub.

The IT course from Trainmehub gave me an opportunity to take risks, explore my potential and develop my self paced strategy. I feel incredibly privileged to have taken part and to be part of the training legacy. Thank you course trainer.

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Vinay Kumar