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Ullekh Tandon

Ullekh Tandon is a global keynote speaker, trainer and consultant in Digital Marketing and Social Selling for global organizations.

Ullekh Tandon has over 7 years’ client Digital Marketing experience in helping corporations such as Google, Accenture Sitel Pvt, to achieve Digital Marketing goals.

As the Digital Business Analyst for Accenture, Ullekh has led online marketing programs in Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Advertising and Online Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Marketing Strategy and Real time Bidding. Currently, he manages Bidding and Digital Marketing Strategy for the firm’s top clientele.

Ullekh has helped global executives build, grow and protect strong online reputation that have led to developed new business for organizations. He is a strong speaker and trains corporate employees for Online Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Trainer, Mr Ullekh Tandon has developed and delivered workshops to corporations in the areas of: SEO Basics, Advanced SEO Marketing Techniques, Lifecycle Marketing, Online PR, B2B Social Selling, B2B Social Media Marketing Basics and LinkedIn Sales.

He is a Lead Digital Marketing Instructor for trainemehub pvt ltd, and help trainee get equip with all digital marketing needs like: Search Engine Strategies,Planning, The Association of Strategic Marketing, The Direct Marketing Association.

He is a regular contributor on the subject of B2B Social Marketing and Sales.