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Adwords Certification MCQ

  • 1. Frank is managing a Google AdWords ad group for his travel agency. Frank wants to make certain that his ad appears in Google when someone searches for Montana cabin rentals. Which one of the following matching options would ensure that Frank’s ad would appear when this exact phrase exclusively is used?
  • 2. Amy is new to Google AdWords and she’s curious about the policies Google requires for participants and their ads. Which one of the following is NOT of the Google AdWords policy categories?
  • 3. What term is assigned to the concept of measuring your profit that you’ve made from advertising compared to how much you’ve spent on that advertising?
  • 4. Google uses multiple approaches, such as IP addressing, to determine the language and location of users searching for particular keywords. What term is given to the Google analysis of the search term, such as Tampa doctors, to determine where a user may be originating their search from?
  • 5. You have created four different ads for a client. The client is pleased, but wants to know how Google AdWords selects which sponsored links ad to display. How does Google AdWords chooses the ad to display?
  • 6. Google wants to make certain that Google Content Network consultants understand where people are spending their time online. Google has identified four categories where people spend their time online. Which one of the following statements ranks Internet usage for Web users from smallest to largest percentage of time online according to Google?
  • 7. Your client wants to use Google AdWords’ ability to display ads in videos. How can you create a video ad for your customer?
  • 8. Jeff is creating a mobile ad for his Website for the Google AdWords program. Which one of the following options is allowed by Google AdWords for mobile users?
  • 9. Beth has created a Google AdWords account for her company but she is no longer interested in managing the Google AdWords. She hires an SEO firm to manage the account and SEM for her. How can the SEO firm now manage Beth’s account?
  • 10. Martha has created a video ad for her Google AdWords account. She would like to customize where the video ad is displayed geographically. Which one of the following choices is NOT one of the geographical customization choices Martha has for displaying her Google AdWords video ad?
  • 11. You have elected to use the device platform targeting in your Google AdWords. How is the quality score calculated for this feature?
  • 12. Jennifer has been notified that her ad was disapproved by Google. What tool can Jennifer use to determine why the ad has NOT been approved by Google AdWords?
  • 13. You’re serving as a Google AdWords consultant for a company that sells electronics. Bob, your client, is new to Web-based business sales and he’s concerned with how long his ad will run. You explain to Bob the concept of a daily budget and the monthly costs, but Bob is still worried and would like to just run his ad for a short period of time. What’s the smallest amount of time that you can configure an ad to run for Bob?
  • 14. Google does not allow double-serving advertisements. Which one of the following is the best explanation of Google’s double-serving policy?
  • 15. John has created a new Google AdWords and he has elected to include the ad in the Google Network. A few weeks later he decides that he longer wants to participate in the Google Network. How can John opt out of the Google Network?
  • 16. Deanna is new to Google AdWords and she’s hired you to help her create an ad for her bakery. She wants to make certain that only people in her city can actually see her ad – rather than advertising for users in a different location. You tell Deanna that there are three location options for Google AdWords. Which one of the following is NOT one of the three location options Deanna can use?
  • 17. Linda has a discount clothing store and she’d like to post Google AdWords advertisements for her store. When she creates her ad which one of the follow advertisements would NOT be allowed by Google AdWords?
  • 18. Fred has created a phrase match keyword targeting for his Google AdWords ad. His phrase is used car. Which one of the following examples of search phrases will allow Fred’s ad to be displayed?
  • 19. You are managing a Google AdWords for your client. The client has informed you that they want their ads to go on very specific Web pages in the Google Content Network. Which Google AdWords option would allow you to specify what pages the advertisement should appear on?
  • 20. Nancy would like to create a display ad for the Google Content Network, but she doesn’t have image editing software. Which of the following is recommended for Nancy to create a display ad for the Google Content Network?