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Cross Device Reporting

Cross-Device reporting provides the ability to view an anonymized version of Google’s user tracking across devices, allowing insight into how people visit your website across mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

What are the Cross-Device Reporting benefits?

  • Aggregated customer spend: If a customer buys $200 of the product on their mobile phone and another $300 later that day on their desktop, cross-device reporting will show the customer’s total conversion value as $500, rather than two separate user sessions
  • Smarter remarketing campaigns: Tailor remarketing efforts based on how many times a consumer visits your website across devices
  • Multi-device customer journey insights: Gain information on what devices customers use at each stage of their customer journey


Example use case:

A travel agency company is deciding to optimize more of their ad spend for mobile vs desktop. According to their traditional device report, they see that the majority of customers are using desktops to book a trip on their site (an eCommerce transaction/conversion), and therefore choose to optimize desktop ads.

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