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Difference between Ad verification and Ad validation

Difference between Ad verification and Ad validation
Ad Verification Ad validation
1. Ad verification is a process that allows advertisers to check if their ads are displayed in the right context, on the right websites, in the right area of a website, and seen by the right audiences. 1. Ad Validation is a technique that checks your ad for common issues and displays the results in a panel, along with basic information such as the ad environment, the total size of the ad if it were to be published, and its initial load size.
2. This is evident with movements such as guaranteed viewability and the time-spent purchasing model. 2. his process saves time for Ad checking
3. By implementing automated ad-verification technology, publishers can avoid displaying certain kinds of content on their sites 3. The technical aspect of the Ads are checked
4. The ad is not checked internally 4. Ads are checked internally


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