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What is Data Management Platforms (DMP) and how it works ?

What is Data Management Platforms (DMP) and how it works ?

A DMP is a centralized data management platform that allows you to create target audiences based on a combination of in-depth first-party and third-party audience data; accurately target campaigns to these audiences across third-party ad networks and exchanges, and measure with accuracy which campaigns performed the best across segments and channels to refine media buys and ad creative over time.

Using a DMP as opposed to a spreadsheet, a marketer or agency account manager can manage the day-to-day “plumbing” of all their online advertising campaigns in one dashboard – from campaign creation, audience profiling, media buying, and targeting, to optimization, measurement, and reporting. An enterprise-class DMP can scale to billions of data points, enabling marketers to slice and dice data to get both high-level and granular insights into which campaigns are working across various channels, which exact audiences specific campaigns are reaching, and what changes to make to be more effective.


Who can benefit from a DMP?

Advertisers and agencies today are faced with unprecedented challenges. With increasing competition and entrenched consumer “ad blindness”, brands must find ways to reach precisely defined audiences with relevant messages at the right time in the purchase funnel – or risk losing sales to competitors. Yet few marketers are effectively analyzing all their disparate audience and campaign data to make better media buying decisions, more effectively target campaigns, and optimize creative to drive higher brand awareness and conversion. Instead of taking a data-driven approach to campaign management, many marketers have increased their number of campaigns across multiple channels (display, search, social, video, etc.) in a bid to reach more consumers. This fragmented approach – made ever more challenging by the complex ecosystem of ad networks, exchanges, DSPs, and bidding platforms – has resulted in a decrease in overall marketing ROI.


What can a DMP help you achieve?

Retargeting – Easily implement customized re-targeting campaigns based on specific activities and behaviors taken on or offline.

Prospecting – Seamlessly integrate with the third-party audience data source to acquire anonymous data to achieve higher precision and scale with targeting campaigns.

Site optimization – Use first or third-party data to determine customized content for different consumers when they come to your website. Audience Intelligence – contrast your site audience against third-party data sources to learn more about specific audience attributes to target more likely converters.

Better ROI – Use centralized media performance analytics to determine which audience performed and where to double down.

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